Strata - X SPE

Strata-X Polymeric SPE

Capitalize on Cleanliness without Sacrificing Recovery

With Strata™-X polymeric SPE sorbents the guesswork that leads to lengthy method development is eliminated. Unique selectivities have been developed to cover a diverse spectrum of analytes, and simplify the method development process for fast and efficient sample preparation.

  • Tightly retain analytes by several different sorbent-analyte interactions
  • Remove unwanted contaminants including phospholipids for superior chromatography
  • Easily cleanup large volume or viscous samples as well as target analytes that exceed 10 kDa

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12 Phases

 Ion-Exchange 9

 Reversed Phase 3

  • X, Drug N, Polymeric Reversed Phase
  • X, Polymeric Reversed Phase
  • XL, Polymeric Reversed Phase