Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation


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The SPE Method Development Web Tool was developed by our team of solid phase extraction experts to help you quickly develop a targeted SPE method for your application in minutes.

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Featured Products and Accessories

Strata™-X Polymer-Based SPE Sorbents
Unique polymeric selectivities that cover a diverse spectrum of analytes, simplifying the method development process for fast and efficient sample preparation.

Strata® Silica-Based SPE Sorbents
With over 25 chemistries to choose from, Strata Silica SPE products provide a wide range of diversity for customized method development.

12, 24, and 96-Well Manifolds
Maximize throughput with a 12-position or 24-position vacuum manifold for SPE tubes or 96-well plate manifold.

Collection Plates
Collect you clean samples with inert polypropylene conical and round bottom collection plates.

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